Cryptocurrency Payments instead of stripe

Since you guys are being so much supportive, I want to weigh in my thoughts to make  memberstack the standard tool when it comes to subscription.

We seriously need to adopt and prepare ourselves for the future which is anything except fiat. Digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Doge are surreal technology for mankind.

I'm not suggesting to completely withdraw from fiat. All I am asking is to give the user a choice to move away from the banking system.

Here is a project that is similar to memberstack but still not memberstack. Unlock: The Web's new business model (

And here is a clonable webflow site using unlock protocol : Integrating Unlock - Webflow

They have made the possibility to use crypto currency as a subscription gateway model to access sites/articles.

Stripe + Memberstack combinedly charges 6% in total as transaction fees which makes it costly. If crypto's is integreated I'm still happy to pay the 3% to memberstack and the rest doesn't needs to go into the pockets of bankers.

I respect your quote and I hope one day this dream will come true in memberstack. But sooner the better.

And please share the cloneable soon : 🔍 [Ongoing Investigation] Webflow Content Lock | Memberstack Community

🔍 [Ongoing Investigation] Webflow Content Lock

Hi, Thx for sorting out my previous problem. I've another one
How can I make a lock like this?

In the specific photo the article is locked and scroll is disabled behind the fixed Div BG until a user subscribes.

Its a huge design improvement and better way for locking content.

  1.  I can put (data-ms-content = !not-member) to display the fixed Div BG.
  2. But how to style and functionalize the fixed Div BG and disable scroll on the article.
    (I know it involves JS, but I'm not a coder)

    A cloneable simple webflow site will provide better help!

    Thank you

Stripe Problem

Hi, I'm having a problem
From the stripe log I can see memberstack charges 3%fees which is causing the issue.

Now what can be done?