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[] The coupon option is not visible in the paying membership pop-up


After taking the free trial option off my membership I found the coupon option still doesn't show. What could be happening?

Also, is there a way to make the amount to pay in USD be shown, my audience is in Latin America and we need the USD sign is visible otherwise the sign could be interpreted as any other latin American currency.

Last question, to change the "Every" and "months" to Spanish I just need to add the words to the language script provided, right?


[✅] Should I use Google Tag Manager to implement the MS code?

Hello, I found this question in the forum, it says that it is not recommended to use the code in GTM. Is this still the correct way? Because I'm using Webflow and I found this message: 

What do you recommend?


[✅]Secret coupon doesn't work

Hello, I tried to use a coupon and it didn't work, I don't know if this the best place to say this I couldn't find a support channel. 
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[✅] Memberstack and Unicorn Platform

Hey, I was wondering if anybody has experience building a membership site using Memberstack and Unicorn Platform. I assume it could be done, but I just want to make sure I'm not gonna find any issues ahead. Thanks in advance!
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[Solutions ✅] Has anybody succesfully created a community with


I've been thinking about creating a community with Tribe, but realize they don't have SSO with Memberstack, but apparently, you can use Zapier to send the data to Tribe after signing up with Memberstack, just want to make sure the experience is good. 

Does anybody have experience doing it?

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