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✅[Solution] Radio buttons not updating user's profile

Hey everyone ! 

Followed Memberstack's guide to creating radio buttons and it worked well initially. My form is a multi step form and if users were go back and change the selected option for the radio group. It doesn't update the profile at all, the other fields of the page won't be updated either. 

I've checked the code and it seems that one of my radio input's value is duplicated to other options. I do not want to created individual custom fields to cater for each radio as we have a lot of them throughout the sign up process. 

Do let me know what I'm doing wrong and if it's a limitation on Memberstack's side. Thanks !
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✅[Solution] Multi Step Form not capturing data after the free sign up step

Hi everyone, I've been experimenting multi step sign up forms with Memberstack and Webflow. Followed the tutorial and got everything set up.

But every step after the first sign up process is not sending any data to Memberstack. I've checked that my forms have the "data-ms-form="profile" and the appropriate data-ms-member for each of the fields. 

The members were successfully registered with the email and password but anything after that is empty. Would appreciate any help I can get ! Demo below :

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